6th of Primary Evaluation

1. Features

-Individualized evaluation of each student upon finishing 6th of Primary Education.

-Specific and guided evaluation for schools, teaching staff, families and students.

-Competences in linguistic communication, mathematics and Science and Technology are evaluated.

-The results are graded with the following terms: Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good, Outstanding

-It is recommended to education authorities that the test is done in May.

2. Linguistic Competence test for foreign languages

-Both paper and digital tests will be available but will be attractive and motivating. They present personal, school-life, social, scientific and humanistic contexts or situations.

-They include a variety of texts: narrative, descriptive, expository, instructive and/or argumentative. And, at the same time the tests can be: extended, fragmented or mixed.

-Cognitive processes evaluated:


- Locate and obtain information

- Integrate or interpret

- Reflect and assess


- Coherence

- Cohesion

- Adaptation and presentation

- Oral interaction (optional oral test for certain Autonomous Regions)

3. Other aspects of the tests and question types

-The tests will be applied and marked by external teachers.

-Each competence will consist of various units of evaluation.

-Each unit will have various questions totalling between 35 and 50.

-These questions will be:

-Multiple choice: at least 40%

-Guided answers, semi-closed answers and open answers: at least 20%