Other issues addressed in the LOMCE

What measures are to be implemented in relation to learning foreign languages?

  • Spanish or the Co-official language will only be used as support in the foreign language learning process.
  • Priority will be given to oral expression and comprehension.
  • Help in the form of foreign languages assistants will be provided for educational centres.
  • Specialisation of bilingual centres will be encouraged, in the context of centre autonomy and quality-oriented actions.
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced language levels will be mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels – A, B and C.

What measures are envisaged to attend to diversity?


  • Early detection of difficulties by diagnostic testing in 3rd Primary.
  • Plans for Improvement in 6th Primary.


  • Programmes to Improve Learning and Performance in 2nd and 3rd


  • Use of ICT to attend to diversity in learning¬† paces and styles
  • Adaptation of physical and material conditions during assessment periods for students with special educational needs.
  • Action plans to develop the intellectually gifted
  • Advice and counselling

What does an increase in autonomy for centres mean?

The LOMCE allows specialisation in educational centres to attend to the specific needs of students and their families.

Specialisation is defined in the following areas:

  • Curricular specialisation
  • Excellence
  • Teacher training
  • Improving school performance
  • Attending students who need specific educational attention
  • Making teaching resources available on digital platforms
  • Increasing educational centre autonomy (I)

The School Board will guarantee educational community participation in the control and management of state-funded schools.

Schools that receive state funding will be held accountable for funds and justification of their use.

How will the LOMCE affect the Director and teaching staff?

From now on, Directors must accredit 5 years of teaching experience and have passed a specific Management Development training course.

Admission is by public competition and the length of the post is four years.

With regards to teaching staff, under the LOMCE all teachers are considered to be Public Authority with presumption of veracity of management and teaching teams statements.

What measures are to be implemented to boost ICT?

  • Extension of the concept of the classroom in time and space: virtual learning environments.
  • Shared use of Ministry technological and digital platforms with education authorities, educational centres, teachers and students.
  • Selection of quality digital resources, and recognition of contributions from the educational community that meet the established best practice guidelines.
  • Establishment of interoperability standards.