Macmillan Secondary Basics

Macmillan Secondary Basics

Macmillan Secondary Basicsis a series of four Workbooks for students who have a very low level of English. It offers structured practice of vocabulary and grammar, and can be used alongside Macmillan Secondary Course or any other Secondary course. It is available in castellano and catalan.

Simple grammar presentation: The grammatical content is very basic and always presented in very simple grammar boxes.

Easy to use:

-          Instructions in Level 1

-          Bilingual vocabulary list

-          For use in class or at home

Teacher’s CD-Rom:

-          Solutions for the activities

-          A Progress Check for every unit

The Macmillan Secondary Basics series has been planned and designed to offer a real solution to the treatment of diversity: low language levels, fun images and four available Workbooks covering every possible need.