Quest 5

A Course for third-cycle Primary with a focus on 'real English' and providing a bridge to Secondary.


Quest 5 is a course for third-cycle Primary with a focus on 'real English' and providing a bridge to Secondary.

  • Includes real photographic characters with the same interests and hobbies as your pupils.
  • Combines real-life stories with humorous and adventure stories that will appeal to pre-teens.
  • A clear and systematic approach to grammar in the Pupil's Book, Activity Book and Grammar Builder. Extra grammar practice.
  • Functional Everyday English sections work on authentic language and oral exam skills.
    • Authentic-style reading texts.
    • Pre-secondary style Language Guide in every unit is ideal for consolidating unit language and employing learning-to-learn techniques.
    • Content from other areas such as science and art are fully integrated into the rest of the unit with a strong link to the unit stories. Photographic CLIL posters in every unit consolidate concepts and provide extra optional vocabulary.
    • A focus on the key competences, which are clearly marked in the Teacher's Notes.
    • Real UK children's culture and revision sections every three units.
    • Phonics.
    • Quest 5 caters for mixed ability with fast finisher activities, extra practice worksheets plus optional Basics books for pupils who are struggling to keep up.
    • Quest 5 Digital Course allows you to incorporate a range of heads-up learning activities into your classes.
    • Activities in every unit of the Pupil's Book and Activity Book, plus phonics worksheets using blogs, advertisements, recipes, etc to prepare pupils for English in the real world.

Sample Unit - Quest 5 Activity Book

Sample Unit - Quest 5 Pupil's Book

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