Gateway B2+

Components for students

Gateway B2+ Online

Gateway B2+ Online

A dynamic learning space, Gateway Online offers students opportunities to watch and listen to authentic material, along with lots of interactive activities, games, test activities, an interactive wordlist and a reader to download. Students can send their answers to the activities to teachers to keep a record of their progress. The access code is included in the Student's Book.

The teacher's area includes teacher training and development podcasts, videos and blogs, topic lessons, newsletters and culture worksheets.


Gateway B2+ Student's Book

Gateway B2+ Student's Book

ISBN: 9780230417625

The Gateway B2+ Student's Book offers:

  • Authentic texts introducing language in context and engaging students' interest.
  • Exams focus and task familiarisation throughout every unit using exam success tips, study skills tips and extended exam preparation after every two units.
  • Cross-curricular, Literature and International Cultural Knowledge pages that focus on cross-curricular and cross-cultural themes to develop students' language through real contexts.
  • Practice on the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening while developing necessary sub-skills such as research skills and a focus on learner independence.
  • Regular “can do” self-check progress lists for students to actively monitor their progress and identify areas of improvement.
  • Extensive reference section at the back of the Student's Book with Study Skills and Exam Success pages, a list of irregular verbs, unit-by-unit wordlists, and a Spelling and Pronunciation guide.
  • Access code to Gateway Online for additional practice.
Gateway B2+ Workbook

Gateway B2+ Workbook

ISBN: 9780230723634

The Workbook offers exercises that can be done in class or as self-study. It mirrors the Student's Book in its organisation, providing a wealth of extra grammar and vocabulary exercises and many more opportunities to practise reading, speaking and writing. It also provides higher level material in the form of Grammar Extension and Vocabulary Extension exercises, which are particularly valuable in mixed-ability classes.

The back of the Workbook contains a mini-dictionary with entries from the Macmillan Essential Dictionary. It includes real examples that show students how words are used in a wide variety of situations.


Components for teachers

Gateway B2+ Class Audio CDs

Gateway B2+ Class Audio CDs

ISBN: 9780230723658

CD containing all audios for use in class.

Gateway B2+ Interactive Classroom

Gateway B2+ Interactive Classroom

ISBN: 9780230723665

Digital version of the Student's Book for use with an interactive whiteboard or digital projector. It includes all the audios and additional authentic video footage taken from up-to-date ITN news reports. The Teacher's Area also offers teachers the chance to create and save their own new teaching materials.

Platform independent and compatible with Windows PCs or Macs.

Gateway B2+ Teacher's Pack

Gateway B2+ Teacher's Pack

ISBN: 9780230417656

A complete teaching pack offering everything needed for succesful lessons with full support at every stage. It includes extra Teacher's resource materials to support and complement the Student's Book material.

Teacher's Notes:

  • Explanatory language notes.
  • Teacher development sections with advice on planning, management of activities, exam preparation and other helpful teaching resources.
  • Cultural background information.
  • Supplementary activities for mixed ability.
  • CEF checklists to help monitor students' progress.


Teacher's resource materials:

  • Additional grammar practice to support language development.
  • Communicative tasks to build confidence and speaking.
  • CLIL activities to develop a broader understanding of cross-curricular topics.
Gateway B2+ Tests CD

Gateway B2+ Tests CD


The Test CD included in the Teacher's Book allows teachers to assess students' progress throughout the course. It includes end-of-unit tests plus three mid-year tests and one end-of-year test. All tests are editable and have an A and B version.


Gateway B2+ University Entrance Exam Generator

Gateway B2+ University Entrance Exam Generator

This online University Entrance Exam Generator allows you to:

  • Select from a wide selection of university entrance exam texts.
  • Create hundreds of different exams in an easy-to-use printable format.
  • Select the question formats that best suit your region.
  • Create listening tests from a selection of questions with downloadable audio files.

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