New Inspiration

New Inspiration 3

Challenge and motivation for the Secondary classroom

Components for students

New Inspiration 3 Student's Book

New Inspiration 3 Student's Book

ISBN: 9780230408494

The New Inspiration 3 Student's Book offers:

  • Careful attention to the development of the four language skills.
  • Systematic coverage and development of vocabulary, with a strong focus on vocabulary building.
  • A task-based approach to thinking skills, such as critical thinking and written critique.
  • Communicative fluency activities where students have regular opportunities to practise the target language.
  • Extension activities in the core lessons to cater for mixed-ability classes.
  • Regular opportunities for revision and self-assessment that help students to highlight and identify areas of improvement.
  • Cultural sections that build cross-cultural awareness, develop vocabulary and encourage discussion.
  • A complete reference section at the back of the Student's Book, including grammar explanations with additional practice exercises, a wordlist and a pronunciation guide.
New Inspiration 3 Workbook

New Inspiration 3 Workbook

ISBN: 9780230412569

A wide range of exercises that can be done in class or as self-study. The Workbook follows the same sequence as the Student's Book, providing a wealth of extra language practice materials, integrated skills and activities that focus on learner independence. It also contains activities to deal with mixed-ability classes, focused revision materials and extension exercises, culture pages and review sections.

In addition, it includes CLIL materials linked to other subjects studied at this level, and a unit-by-unit story for extensive reading with associated language practice activities.

Components for teachers

New Inspiration 3 Interactive Classroom

New Inspiration 3 Interactive Classroom

ISBN: 9780230412491

New Inspiration embraces the digital generation and offers multimedia and interactive solutions for use in the classroom.

The Interactive Classroom includes:

  • The entire Student's Book in digital format, perfect for use as part of whole-class teaching and for visual presentation of key language.
  • Brand-new interactive activities that are not found in the book.
  • Video footage featuring cultural themes adds a great multimedia dimension to whole-class teaching.
  • Platform-independent model, compatible with Windows PC or Mac.
New Inspiration 3 Macmillan Practice Online

New Inspiration 3 Macmillan Practice Online

New Inspiration 3 Practice Online includes extra interactive practice activities, videos and fun language games.

New Inspiration 3 Teacher's Book

New Inspiration 3 Teacher's Book

ISBN: 9780230412460

A complete teaching pack offering everything needed for successful lessons with full support at every stage:

Teacher's Notes:

  • A practical approach to methodology with step-by-step lesson notes.
  • Stimulating ideas for warmers, optional activities, ideas for homework and follow-up.
  • Useful cultural information to help answer student queries, downloadable songs and weblinks.

Photocopiable materials:

  • Lively and stimulating classroom activities, including whole-class, groupwork and pairwork tasks.

Test CD:

  • Editable tests at two levels of difficulty.
  • Includes diagnostic tests, unit tests, end-of-term tests and end-of-course tests.

Class Audio CD:

  • Includes all the recordings from the Student's Book.

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