Macmillan e-School

Macmillan e-School is an innovative course for Secondary students that functions as either a fully online or a hybrid solution

Designed to meet the needs of modern-day teachers and students alike, Macmillan e-School combines sophisticated functionality with a user-friendly interface.  This makes it the ideal teaching and learning tool for any school wanting to deliver courses in an entirely digital format or as a hybrid solution with Voices; one of Macmillan's leading courses for Secondary students. 


  • Macmillan e-School materials can be used for both individual study or heads-up work in class.
  • Each activity opens in a separate window, meaning that it is easy for teachers to display and for students to follow.
  • Teaching tools allow teachers to annotate materials on screen or zoom in on specific areas where needed. 

Easy to monitor

  • Macmillan e-School contains integrated markbook tools that allow teachers to evaluate all of the work that students have done both in class and at home.  When working offline, marks are updated as soon as the student reconnects to the Internet.


  • Teachers can assign homework, tasks and tests to groups of students or individuals, producing personalised learning programmes that meet the needs of their learners.
  • Users can enrich and customise the course, adding their own files or links to additional online content. 
  • Macmillan e-School can be used independently or integrated into an existing learning management system where required.
e-School on a computer
Macmillan e-School

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