Culture activities – Pre-primary & Primary

Lesson Plan: Human habitats

By meeting children other countries pupils learn how the houses they live in reveal key information about living in different environments.

Download Lesson Plan Human Habitats

Lesson Plan: Carnival festival

This lesson plan inspires creativity while consolidating important verbs such as ‘sing’, dance’ and ‘wear’. Students match phrases to pictures, learn a fun rhyme, and draw and describe a Carnival costume.

Download Lesson Plan Carnival Festival

Lesson Plan: Summer solstice festival

Pupils match sentence halves, number a series of pictures and identify words hidden in a picture to describe the ways people celebrate the longest day of the year.

Download Lesson Plan Summer Solstice Festival

Lesson Plan: Comparing Spain and Australia

Pupils examine school calendars for Spain and Australia in order to understand the consequences of seasonal differences on the yearly school timetable.

Download Lesson Plan Calendar Spain and Australia

Lesson Plan: Music

In this lesson plan, pupils learn about the different types of musical instruments and one of Spain’s most famous composers, Joaquín Rodrigo.

Download Lesson Plan Music

Lesson Plan: Nevruz festival

A lesson plan to introduce young learners to this festival, celebrated in Turkey and Iran to mark the beginning of spring. The activities consolidate sentence formation, the present simple and everyday vocabulary words.

Download Lesson Plan Nevruz

Lesson Plan: May Day

To develop pupils’ reading for gist and specific information.

Download Lesson Plan May Day

Lesson Plan: Christopher Colombus

Fun multiple-choice quiz tests students’ knowledge of Christopher Columbus. An information-gap reading activity gets them to check their answers to the quiz. Students then read an article on Columbus and correct the factual mistakes.

Download Lesson Plan Christopher Columbus