Get your Pre-Primary pupils discovering the world through English with Dex!

  • Dex was the most adopted Pre-Primary course in 2015.
  • Early life skills such as cooperating and good behaviour provide an excellent foundation for Primary education.
  • The fully-integrated e-Kit with new tools for 2016 includes all your digital resources in one place for participative lessons with a focus on digital literacy.
  • Exciting language-rich lessons immerse pupils in English-speaking culture from day one.
  • The Dex Magic Phonics tool ensures great pronunciation and is the first step towards life-long literacy skills.
  • Choose from a variety of flexible routes through the course depending on your needs.
  • The PLUS edition provides extended vocabulary and content with added projects and extra features, plus a springboard to literacy via the optional Literacy book.

Why do teachers love Dex?

Antoñi González:

“Dex the dino is the best method for learning I have ever had in my centre. The puppet and all of the resourses are brilliant for our youngest pupils and create a funny, active and warm learning environment”.

(Colegio La Asunción Fundación Spínola Montilla – Córdoba)

Maria José Verdejo:

Children love dinosaurs and Dex is a special dinosaur. His stories help children immerse themselves in English in a fun and interactive way. Dex not only works on grammar but also incorporates English culture and values.

(Co. San Estanislao de Kostka – Málaga)