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Macmillan Early Learning is an Educational Innovation Project that brings together the whole educational community, actively involving parents in their child’s English learning journey from an early age.

  • The child works with the Dex book and gets to experience a theatre show in school with the Dex, Meg, Charlie and Buddy characters.
  • The parents/families have resources available to use with their children. These resources can be found on a virtual platform for parents, Macmillan Early Learning online. There are also face-to-face and online workshops for parents to inform and advise them on how to carry out the activities.
  • The teachers undertake a professional development course to optimise their English teaching methods for pre-primary.

Meet the authors

Yvonne Dalorto created the activities designed to encourage the joint effort of parents and children at home to reinforce what has been learnt in class.


Yvonne Dalorto is author of the Macmillan Early Learning Path activities for parents. She has been teaching at Infant and Primary level for over 20 years. Specialising in Early Years Education, Yvonne has a particular interest in synthetic phonics and the importance of play in education. Yvonne currently works in a bilingual school in the south of Spain and delivers teacher training.

Let’s take a walkthrough… Macmillan Early Learning Path


The Macmillan Early Learning activities are in Spanish so that parents can easily follow the instructions without having to know English. Each worksheet includes:

  • Objective of the unit
  • Step-by-step instructions of how to carry out each activity
  • Key vocabulary in Spanish and English
  • Useful expressions for parents should they wish to carry out the exercise in English
  • Ideas for involving younger and older siblings
  • List of basic skills used in each activity

Key components


  • The Dex PLUS book
  • An ‘Activity Book
  • The parents’ guide with information about the project.
  • A checklist used to record communication between school and family
  • Dex cardboard glasses, used by the children in the Dex theatre show
  • A mini briefcase keep all the resources together

Digital Highlights

Parents/families have access to the virtual community called Macmillan Early Learning Online, where they can find all the resources, worksheets, activities, arts and crafts, songs, news items etc.


Try me

Try one of these activities with your children and enjoy learning as a family!


We classify this activity in the Life Skills category.
Here, you will find activities related to developing cultural, social, citizenship and human values. Click on the button below to try it out!

Activity – 3 years


This activity is included in the Phonics category. This exercise uses colours and drawings to work on spelling and pronunciation of the sounds that your child has been working on in class.

Activity – 4 years


The activity for this level comes under the Family Fun category, which aims to encourage family integration through fun and enjoyable activities.

Activity – 5 years

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Pedagogical Principles of the project

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