Macmillan Teacher Training Programme 2018

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2018 saw a striking increase in the offer of Teacher Training events at Macmillan Iberia. In total, we organized 11 face-to-face Teachers’ Days between March and June and 9 online Teachers’ Days covering the range of Pre-Primary, Primary, ESO, Bachillerato and Private Language Schools. The response from teachers was overwhelming- over the teacher training period, more than 3000 teachers attended these events!


We are also very proud of the range of our speakers this year, including well-known authors and experts in ELT such as Scott Thornbury, Adrian Underhill, Dave Spencer, Carol Read, Steven McGuire, Donna Shaw, Mark Ormerod, Alison Blair, Malcolm Mann, Steve Taylore-Knowles and Mark McKinnon , as well as expert teacher trainers such as Carys Shannon, Sophie Heydel, Usoa Sol, Susan Dreger, Schuyler Hedstrom, Steven McGuire, Jetro de Château, Alena Widows, Troy Nahumko, and Elspeth Pollock.


These expert speakers shared their insights into learning and teaching on topics that ranged from fomenting creativity and drama, tapping into the magic of storytime, developing 21st century skills, raising phonological awareness, giving writing a real purpose, getting students to notice and think about language, incorporating gamification and game-based learning into the classroom, using technology to break down the walls of our classrooms, motivating teenagers to learn, harnessing the power of the image and sound, maximising students’ productive skills for external exams to flipping the classroom to enhance learning.


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