Digital Highlights

For Students

Digital student’s book

A content-rich interactive learning experience for your students, facilitating dynamic and engaging lessons. It includes complete class audios, integrated videos and a gradebook.

Online Workbook

All the Workbook content and more in a fullyinteractive format for flexible self-study. It includes audios, videos and a gradebook.

Student’s Resource Centre

Complementary materials to consolidate learning and encourage independent study:

  • Flipped Classroom grammar videos presented by Dave Spencer with Culture worksheets
  • Everyday English and skills materials
  • Additional grammar and skills worksheets
  • Macmillan Reader for every level

For Teachers

Teacher’s Resource Centre

Your go-to place for resources to deliver dynamic lessons in the classroom, assign for homework tasks and to support you in the classroom. It includes:

  • Audio and video files and scripts
  • Unit, mid- and end-of-course tests
  • Teacher tips and videos
  • Extra grammar and communication activities
  • Flipped classroom and Life skills worksheets
  • CLIL and literature lessons

Test Generator

To create and customise skills and languagebased tests in minutes.

Online Workbook

Instantly marking students’ work, sending feedback to them and reporting results to you.

Presentation Kit

Is the IWB version of the Gateway 2nd Edition Student’s Book and Workbook.

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