Grammar Goals Audios

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Grammar Goals is a six-level grammar series for young learners, and an ideal supplement to any primary English course. Lively, appealing contexts ensure that language use is purposeful and reflects pupils’ real lives and interests.

Key features:

  • Clearly contextuelised language makes grammar practice meaningful.
  • Interactive grammar boxes break down form and clarify use.
  • Carefully graded activities build confidence and accuracy.
  • Cross-curricular topics link grammar to everyday life and teach pupils about the world around them.
  • Activities develop young learner competences, such as thinking and interpersonal skills.
  • A separate writing syllabus teaches key skills and strategies.
  • Exam-style activities practice task types from the Cambridge English: Young Learners English Tests.
  • Step-by-step lesson notes with extra, mixed-ability and extension activities provide excellent teacher support.

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