The perfect mix of challenge and support for bilingual schools!

  • High Five! was the most popular course in high level Primary schools in 2015.
  • A strong focus on literacy integrates varied text models and carefully-staged activities that develop lifelong reading and writing skills.
  • Integrated practice of exam tasks and video footage of Trinity and Cambridge English oral interview practice, boost pupils’ confidence and competence to succeed in external examinations.
  • Inbuilt flexibility allows you to adapt the level according to your pupil’s needs.
  • The projects in High Five encourage cooperative learning and develop essential life skills such as time management and presentation skills.

Why do teachers love High Five!?

Cristina Mª Sanz Gutiérrez:

“High Five! is the most motivating English course I have worked with. All the contents are wonderfully selected and integrated throughout the units. My congratulations to all Macmillan for such an outstanding method. It really is the best material I have ever worked used.”

(CEIP Jose Calvo Sotelo, Madrid)