Initiative includes examination and lifelong learning strategies, as well as essential life skills to help students achieve their potential, both immediately and in the future stages of adulthood.

  • The 21st Century and University skills sections focus on clear learning outcomes and transferable skills to boost students’ future potential.
  • A premium digital offer provides the option of creating a fully interactive learning environment.
  • The Communication Trainer and Exam Trainer exploit video content to enhance students’ communication and performance.
  • Grammar is presented through a variety of real-life contexts that immediately appeal to students.
  • Structured development of communicative and productive skills enhances students’ confidence and output.

Why do teachers love Initiative?

Beatriz Sayalero:

“Initiative has interesting topics with lots of background information for the teacher. Up-to-date in all aspects including 21st century skills. It has lots of material but it’s also inspiring to create your own. One of those books that helps you become a better teacher.”

(IES Gran capitán – Madrid)