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Effective communication and cooperation skills are an essential part of every relationship, affecting everything from our professional development to our personal social interactions.

Discover a selection of resources to explore the interpersonal and communication skills students can develop.

Study Skills

Studying is an essential part of academic success. Regardless of age or level, learning how to be an effective learner and understanding how to manage studying is important for all students. Examining different study methods and learning styles, these resources tackle the best ways to approach learning in the classroom and beyond.
Study Skills-Resources



Are you a creative thinker? Creativity enables us to see things through different perspectives, as we use our imagination to approach problems and come up with innovative ideas. As a skill applicable to all areas of everyday life, from the arts to scientific study, being creative can contribute significantly to success in the work place and personal happiness.




How well do you know yourself? Recognising your own strengths, weaknesses and personality traits can prepare yourself for the choices you will make in the future. Get to know yourself a bit better with this selection of lesson plans and free resources!


Getting Organised

Planning, organising and being able to prioritise different tasks are important skills which apply to all areas of our daily lives. Creating an organised study space and being able to manage your studies effectively is essential to academic life, while in the world of work, employers regularly look for candidates who can demonstrate the ability to prioritise a heavy workload.
Getting Organised- Resources


Self / Social

How do we see ourselves and how are we viewed by others? Having self-awareness is an important part of understanding how we behave and being able to respond appropriately in different social situations.

By knowing what makes us tick and even challenging some of our own stereotypes, focusing on our social skills helps us to build better relationships and improve our interactions with those around us.
Self / Social-Resources

People Management

Understanding how to manage people in a workplace situation can mean everything from knowing how to get the best out of others and motivating your team, to being able to lead and support your colleagues through difficult situations.
People Management-Resources

Critical Thinking

The ability to apply critical reasoning, evaluate information from different sources and analyse the logic behind arguments are crucial skills in academic life. For students preparing for university, a focus on developing strong critical thinking skills is now seen as essential as a solid foundation for academic success.
Critical Thinking-Resources

Time Management

With modern-day pressures and the differing demands we all face in our personal, professional and academic lives, it can sometimes seem like there are never enough hours in a day. Knowing how to effectively manage our time is crucial in helping us to regain a sense of balance and reduce our levels of stress.
Time Management-Resources

Respect Others

Being respectful of others and accepting people’s opinions, rights and feelings – even when they are different to our own – is essential for maintaining personal relationships. From showing respect for our parents, teachers and those in our community to being respectful within a workplace environment, this month’s resources illustrate the importance of this life skill in all facets of our daily lives.
Respect Others-Resources


Building contacts and maintaining relationships with others is an important part of networking. Explore a selection of resources concerning the interpersonal and communication skills students can develop in English to be able to network effectively and boost their career prospects.

Career / Work

From understanding the challenges presented by different jobs to building a standout CV and preparing for a job interview, this month’s resources focus language learners on the real-world skills they need for employability and career success.
Career / Work-Resources