Are you a creative thinker? Creativity enables us to see things through different perspectives, as we use our imagination to approach problems and come up with innovative ideas. As a skill applicable to all areas of everyday life, from the arts to scientific study, being creative can contribute significantly to success in the work place and personal happiness.

Find out all about how to encourage creative thinking with the resources below, featuring an article by leading life skills specialist, Dr. Kagan.

Beyond: Arts and Media: Artists

In this lesson taken from the Beyond lessons on onestopenglish, a collection of topical lessons for teenagers, students act as art critics and give opinions, using their imagination to offer their own interpretations of various artworks.



Open Mind: Thinking creatively

Taken from Unit 11 of the pre-intermediate level of Open Mind, students apply their creative thinking to a workplace situation in this lesson, working together to understand problems, generate new ideas and identify the best solution.




Are you a creative thinker? Do you have a keen mind for organisation and analysis? Understanding the different ways in which we think is important for educators in order to equip their students with the full range of thinking skills they need for success. Find out all about the thinking behind thinking this month, featuring an article by leading life skills specialist, Dr. Kagan.

Thinking Skills Article: Dr. Spencer Kagan

An internationally acclaimed researcher, presenter and author, Dr. Spencer Kagan specialises in helping educators boost student engagement and learning through the application of life skills. Read Dr. Kagan’s insightful article on the structures of thinking skills and why rethinking thinking can help teachers to better address the needs of their students. Download article. More complete articles from Dr. Kagan can be found here.

Video Interview: Evan Grant

How important are life skills to the work of a creative technology firm? Evan Grant, founder of Seeper, explains how thinking outside the box is essential when working
on visual effects and technology projects with clients like the BBC, Glastonbury Festival
and Google.

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