Getting Organised

Planning, organising and being able to prioritise different tasks are important skills which apply to all areas of our daily lives. Creating an organised study space and being able to manage your studies effectively is essential to academic life, while in the world of work, employers regularly look for candidates who can demonstrate the ability to prioritise a heavy workload.

From organising studies and arrangements with friends to making plans to set up a business, the resources below help to get organised.

Beyond: Stay on task and avoid distractions

Designed for teaching teenagers, in this life skills video and activity to accompany the six-level course Beyond, students focus on how to organise themselves and stay on task at home and in class.



Beyond: Stay on task and avoid distractions

Open Mind: Time management quiz

When it comes to getting organised one thing that can help students is to look at how they manage their time. Try this quiz from Open Mind, our latest adult course with built-in life skills syllabus.





Are you a creative thinker? Do you have a keen mind for organisation and analysis? Understanding the different ways in which we think is important for educators in order to equip their students with the full range of thinking skills they need for success. Find out all about the thinking behind thinking this month, featuring an article by leading life skills specialist, Dr. Kagan.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s interview

We talked to Chris Hadfield, the former commander of the International Space Station, about his experiences and which life skills have been essential for him to survive both up in space and back down here on Earth. Have you caught Chris’s live performance of Major Tom from up in orbit?


Video Interview: Part 1

Video Interview: Part 2

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