Mental Health Friendly Competition

La Federació de Salut Mental de Catalunya, Oxford House, Macmillan Education Iberia and Hoteles Catalonia have launched a lesson plan competition, for all those teaching English throughout Catalonia, to help reduce stigma inside the classroom. This competition is part of a general project to improve greater access to quality English language training for those suffering/recovering from mental health problems.

  • The lesson should last 45 minutes
  • The competition is open to all English teachers based in Catalonia.
  • Those entering should take the following into account:

-  Lesson plan must contain a specific grammar or vocabulary point.
–  Provide a vision mental health difficulties in a an inclusive way that is non stereotypical.
–  Must promote strengths rather than weaknesses of an individual who has experienced difficulties with their mental health and not paint them as a passive recipient to a paternalistic model of care.
–  Must set out to promote diversity as a value within society.

Download Lesson Plan Template below
Send completed entries to
before 12AM, 6th June 2015