Advantage Resources

Macmillan Advantage website gives you access to a wide range of resources which can be arranged according to your teaching style.

All the materials you need for lesson planning and your day-today classroom needs:

1. Practical Ideas

2. Coursebook Resources

3. e-Toolkits

4. Educational Documentation

5. Exclusive Evaluation Tool

1. Practical Ideas

With Teacher’s Corner + you will have access to support articles, videos, tips and practical classroom activities that you will be able to customise your English classes with.


2. Coursebook resources

Additional resources to supplement your coursebook: videos, audio files, flashcards, worksheets… Giving you endless options to adapt your classes to you and your students’ situation.


3. e-Toolkits

Our monthly e-Toolkits and news services will save you time by bringing real world content into your classroom with fun, interesting and relevant lesson plans full of videos and interactive activities.






4. Educational documentation


Macmillan Education keeps abreast of national and regional legislation and local educational initiatives, providing you with all the documentation and information you require.


   5. Exclusive Evaluation Tools

For English teachers, the Macmillan Rubrics Generator makes the creation of rubrics for the Evaluation of Key Competences easier, saving you time as learning outcomes and levels of achievement are already incorporated.


Customised Contents

You can choose the educational level you are interested in and mark your preferences with quick access via My Favourites tab.