Congratulations for using Macmillan Readers to support your teaching!

Now the real fun begins… Make a video interview with Macmillan Readers characters!

Who can enter?

  • All teacher´s who have recommended the purchase of our readers and are using them in class for the 2015/2016 school term can enter!
  • Entries will be divided into two age groups:  Category 1: Secondary years 1 to 4 and Category 2: Upper-secondary years 1 and 2

Competition details

  • Students make a video of a fictional interview of the characters in their Macmillan Readers. Students act as either characters from the book or as the presenter of the TV show asking questions about the plot, characters etc.
  • The class then vote and choose their favourite video and enter the video into the competition.

Video guidelines

Prepare: In pairs, students discuss some ideas for their interview:

  • Who would they like to interview? Why?
  • What makes that character special?
  • What would they want to know about their chosen character?

Think: Students write their questions and answers for the interview, and make notes of possible costumes, accessories or any props they may need for the setting.

Practice: Students act as either characters from the book or as the presenter of the TV show asking their questions about the character’s personal information, the plot, other characters etc.
Students should practice their role play interviews in class to prepare, before the filming and making any necessary changes.

Film: Students film their interview. Videos should last a maximum of 4 minutes.

Vote: Show all the videos in class and ask your students to vote their top interview video!

Upload: Upload the video on the school YouTube or Vimeo channel.

Send: Send us the link to your chosen video by filling in this form (also found below)

Fill out my online form.

What happens next…?

  • All national entries will be judged by a panel of Macmillan´s staff and the top 3 videos will be posted on our social media pages for all our community of teachers and parents to vote for their favourite interview!

Prize for the winning class!

Adventures in Filmmaking Course! A professional videographer will come to the school and teach your class the secrets of shooting and editing movies to make them look like Hollywood! The course will consist of firstly an in class theory lesson and then putting the theory into practice and making actual professional videos!

02I93875 Woman holding a clapboard

Prize for all entries!

All entries will receive a pack of fun Readers for their class level (one pack per school, titles may vary)


Important Info and dates to remember:

  • The competition runs from 23rd September 2015 until 31st January 2016 midnight GMT.
  • The competition is only open to teachers who have recommended Macmillan Readers for the school year 2015-2016.
  • Submitted videos must be sent to Macmillan via the online form by copying and pasting the link to your video onto the form.
  • A maximum of 3 videos are allowed per class.
  • The winners will be announced in February 2016.

Terms and conditions

Complete terms and conditions for the competition can be found here.

So what are you waiting for…? Cameras, lights, action!

Enter the competition now!