Welcome to the Mini Magic Teaching Zone!

Mini Magic  is a two-level story-based course for young children learning English for the first time. This tried and true Macmillan classic features easy-to understand stories that immerse children in English. Pupils gain a comprehensive working knowledge of English which will encourage them to use the language they have learnt in active participation. The clear and step-by-step teaching method is easy to follow and will enable you to get the best out of your pupils.

The focus for this course is on listening and speaking, following a clear and attractive methodology for Infantil students. However, optional printable reading and writing activities can be found in the Resources section on this site.

The Mini Magic Teaching Zone provides all the resources you´ll need: audio songs, the Teacher’s book, downloadable flashcards, and more. Happy learning!


Mini Magic 1 Class CD Mini Magic 1 Class CD
Mini Magic 1 Flashcards Mini Magic 1 Flashcards
Mini Magic 2 Class CD Mini Magic 2 Class CD
Mini Magic 2 Flashcards Mini Magic 2 Flashcards