5 great places to find inspiration this summer! Back to list

Roll on summer!  After a long year with probably some challenging
moments, there’s no doubt teachers have earned a well deserved break.

Summer time is the time to let your hair down, enjoy life and recharge your batteries. It’s also the time to take stock and think about what worked well during the year and what you could do differently next time. This is when a little
inspiration can go a long way to help generate new ideas or learn new skills.

Whether you decide it’s time to read a book, investigate a topic you’ve been thinking about, learn to use a new digital tool or watch a couple of clips to reflect on, here  we list five great sources of inspiration where you might find some ‘food for thought’ for your long summer days.

Happy holidays!

1. Our very own Teacher’s Corner!

We link to lots of inspiring videos during the year. Don’t miss out. There’s the latest RSA Ken Robinson talk from July 2013 or this wonderful video produced by a music teacher with his students!

2. TED talks

Both the Steve Jobs Stanford commencement speech or JK Rowling’s Harvard speech on the benefits of failure are both truly inspiring and there are hundreds of other fascinating talks to choose from ranging from learning how to listen better to talking about the importance of finding your own voice by Chimamanda Adichie. If you still haven’t seen this last one, here it is. Wonderful.

3.  Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles

This Norwegian video’s been around for a while but it still makes me laugh out loud. If you’re having problems with your iPad/computer, just watch this. It will put it all into perspective!

4. RSA Animate – The Secret powers of time

The most famous RSA Animate video was probably the Ken Robinson Changing Education paradigms, but here’s another that talks about time. It will get you thinking!

5. Skillshare

Learn a new skill at Skillshare. Learn anything from how to make meatballs with the Executive Chef at the Meatball shop to capturing the scenes of your city in Street Photography.