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New Christmas activities for your classes!

It’s nearly Christmas and we have lots of festive ideas for you! From a webquest for Secondary students about how Christmas is celebrated around the world through to making a fun Christmas tree with your classes at Primary, I’m sure you’ll find something you can use!

Get your Secondary and Upper-Secondary students searching the web and doing an engaging cross-cultural Christmas quiz to find out how Merry Christmas is said around the world.

We’ve got reading texts for Primary too: Read about Christmas! and A typical Christmas. Or you may prefer getting your pupils to make something to take home with them. Check out Make a Christmas tree and Make a Christmas star (with a Christmas song). We’ve also got a couple of craft activities to practise language related to Christmas: Make a Christmas craft and Make a Christmas cracker! And there’s more … A Christmas board game, a set of Christmas dominoes and how to write a Christmas Haiku.

Have a merry Christmas class!

Maria Toth

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