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Join us at the biggest virtual march against cyberbullying today.

Macmillan is participating in Europe’s biggest anti bullying campaign, The Big March, organised by BeatBullying with other European organisations. The innovative digital protest march is funded by the European Commission, and aims to protect European children from bullying and cyberbullying.

With the most extreme cases reaching local headline news in Spain, there are many others that do not come to light. “We, in Macmillan, have to help break this silence and make sure our young people are educated to know what Cyberbullying is, how it may affect them and how they should go about dealing with it”, says Marta Martínez, Managing Director of Macmillan Spain. “That’s why we support The Big March”. Check out our awareness raising activities and videos on Cyberbullying, here at Teacher’s Corner. Make sure your students know how to break the silence. Maria Toth