Come and celebrate Bonfire night! Back to list

Learn about the origins of Bonfire night and how it is celebrated in the UK.

Do you know why fireworks and bonfires light the night skies on November 5th in the UK every year? Come and celebrate Bonfire night with us by checking out these materials for your classes.


Primary/ESO 1

1 Read about the origins of Bonfire night. A great activity to learn about the celebration.

2 Play a Bonfire night board game. A fun board game to practise language related to Bonfire night.

Find the gunpowder. Get your students to play this game to practise prepositions of place. Who can find the gunpowder first?


4 Watch a great information video to hear about the origins of Bonfire night and how bonfire night is celebrated in Lewes, UK.

5 Read about how Guy Fawkes was captured on the night of November 5th in this Gunpowder Plot activity.