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Get your pupils creating their own paper and online story books.

The great thing about asking children to create their own books is that it involves ownership, a powerful tool in teaching and learning. Both print and online versions are always winners because they engage the child, requiring him/her to make decisions over content, layout and design.

Have a look at the links below to help your students create their own mini-books!

Paper mini-books
1 Riddle books

Mark Ormerod suggests using Riddle books to practise writing descriptions.

2 Mini-books for prepositions of place

If you want to review prepositions of place, look at this Where is it? mini-book.

3 Stick and elastic books

Your pupils will love making this stick and elastic book. Watch this video clip to see how it’s made.

Online storybooks
4 Story maker

Make an online storybook using the characters from this story maker.

5 Story starters

Your pupils can write stories based on the story starters in this program by spinning the wheels and creating story prompts.

6 Write a postcard!

Are you practising writing postcards? Use this postcard program to get your pupils to write their postcards!

7 Write an animated story

You can even get your pupils to create animated stories using this program.

Enjoy writing and reading!

Maria Toth