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See how art displays can inspire your pupils.

Jane Martin, author of the extremely popular ByME Primary Arts & Crafts coursebook Levels 1-6, suggests ways in which displays can encourage confidence, pride and creativity in young artists. Creating displays can be fun and exciting but you don’t need to create displays for each piece of artwork. Try doing one display per term. Read Jane Martin’s article Inspire your pupils by displaying their artwork. 

Use our downloadable Frames to make a professional looking display, and label your pupil’s artwork with our easy-to-print labels. For more ambitious displays use the photocopiable themed borders.

If you’re wondering what type of displays to do, take a look at our special Pinterest board on displays!

Your displays can promote imagination and creativity, inspire young artists and teach English and other subject content. Send us photos of your displays and we’ll upload them to inspire others!

Maria Toth