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7 useful Halloween class ideas for all ages.

It’s time for scary witches and spooky ghosts. Here are 7 useful Halloween class ideas for all ages.



1 Tell a Halloween story while your pupils cut out shapes to make a Halloween surprise!

2 Make a simple Halloween story book from this template. Your pupils write their own text and share their book at home.

3 For more activities, take a look at this Pinterest Halloween board.


4 Watch a fascinating clip about creating art from pumpkins. Ask your students to watch and discuss whether they think food should be used to make art.

5 Read and complete a Halloween pairwork task about the origins of Halloween and why people dress in scary costumes.

6 Do you have a projector/IWB? Play a hangman game online to test your students’ Halloween-related vocabulary!

7 Watch this video clip from about the history of Halloween.

If you’re interested in asking your students to do more extensive reading around the theme of Halloween, check out this selection of spine-chilling Macmillan Readers.

Happy Halloween!

Maria Toth