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The Science Zone App is ideal for use in Natural and Social Science teaching programmes.

This beautifully illustrated app has 450 interactive activities covering 12 key areas from the Natural and Social Science curriculum. Science Zone is aimed at children of 6-12 years of age.

The main areas covered are:
• Animals (classification, vertebrates, invertebrates, life processes, cells)
• Human biology
• Digestive, nervous, muscle and circulatory systems
• The five senses
• Diet and nutrition
• Nature (plants, ecosystems, climate)
• Basic Physics and Chemistry (matter, light, electricity, magnetism)

The activities include classification, ordering, word searches, sentence formation and quizzes as well as numerous animations and audio material. Most activities provide immediate checking and feedback for children.

Photo4SciencezoneScience Zone is ideal for use in bilingual teaching programmes or for teachers who would like to introduce CLIL methodology into their Science or English classes or for parents of children studying Science. There are parents or tutor’s notes with instructions and suggestions for extra activities and project work.

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