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 Expert in CLIL2

EXPERT IN CLIL: Universitat de Barcelona – Macmillan

Acquiring CLIL skills is essential in plurilingual teaching contexts to be able to teach curricular subjects effectively and to develop professionally. This highly practical qualification capacitates participants to work towards achieving a holistic curriculum through English. You will focus on integrating content learning from different areas of the curriculum, such us natural science, social science, arts and crafts, music, performing arts, physical education or maths. Furthermore, you will learn how to plan your classes to help your students maximize their learning potential.

Description of this course

Over the three parts which make up the Expert qualification, participants will be presented with a practical framework for teaching each of our focus subjects (natural science, social science, arts and crafts, music, performing arts, physical education and mathematics). These frameworks have been designed to meet the challenge of imparting these subjects through English and the need to establish attainable content and language learning outcomes. We will look at exploiting the natural links between these subjects and how aspects of each can be integrated into and developed in at least one other subject area, and suggest practical ways how this can be done.


The Expert is a new course composed of three parts, each of which is available as a separate post-graduate course as well as within this combined package. It is equivalent to three postgraduate university courses of 6 credits (ECTS) each. Both the three-part Expert course and the three individual courses will run between 2014 and
2016. The online platform is the Moodle learning management system.


1st October 2014 to 30th January 2016.

Recommended applicant profile and admission requirements

Graduates in teacher training for Primary education, Primary teachers or students of the Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education (or equivalent) who have passed at least 85% of the required credits.
Minimum level of English required CEFR level B1 (Intermediate). The course will be in English throughout.

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