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Primary CLIL: catch up with reading this holiday and treat yourself to 50+ worksheets!


Take some time out this holiday to read an article! Put your feet up and browse the latest articles on a whole range of topics.

If you’re a Primary CLIL teacher, why not read Joanne Ramsden’s Ten tips to increase production and download some practical activities to try with your classes next term.

According to Joanne, teaching science to young children can often include long stretches of teacher talking time. While learners develop good comprehension skills, their production lags behind. Here she shares some practical tips for getting her pupils speaking a little more in the Science class. By asking pupils to compare and contrast, we can change what would otherwise be simply vocabulary-based activities into opportunities to speak and show an understanding of concepts.

If you’re looking for more worksheets, check out our CLIL section in Activities with over 50 worksheets and growing!

Enjoy the holiday!

Maria Toth