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Research shows learning loss occurs during the summer holidays.

Learning loss during the summer holidays is a serious problem and research shows that students can lose up to one month’s worth of reading and maths in the summer holidays. Students from lower-income brackets are more affected and can lose up to two months of reading and maths while higher income students often do summer camps, go away on educational holidays and have access to books or educational materials at home.

If you’re busy marking exams and don’t have any time to think about what your students can do this summer, take a look at some of the activities here. Both Mark Ormerod in Using English during the summer holiday and Dave Holmes Fives! make lots of great suggestions for giving your students some enjoyable topics to be working on throughout the summer. Or maybe you prefer a writing task to get your students to do the Postcard project.

If you’re looking for something more substantial to get your students working regularly on their language throughout the summer, check out Key Revision for Secondary or Holiday World for Primary. It’s important that your students stay connected to English over the summer!

Maria Toth