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Lots of NEW Christmas activities

It’s nearly the end of term and we’ve got lots for you to do in the last week during the run-up to the holidays.

Why not do a Winter festivals quiz, written by well-known author of Voices and Pulse, Catherine McBeth.

You can use music as a prompt for writing a Winter scene or an online tool, Toondoo, to get your students to write their very own Christmas story.

If you want your students to revise some of the language areas they have been practising this term, look at this Dear Santa activity in which students do a gap-fill with past tenses!

Would you like to do a few Christmas songs to get your students into the festive spirit? We have a great Christmas songs activity, in which students compare traditional and big hit Christmas songs.

Our popular festive web quests are always a great way of helping your students to use the Internet to search for information. Our hugely successful Christmas around the world web quest and our new Festive web quest are sure to keep your students motivated throughout the last week.

Have a wonderful Christmas week and enjoy the holidays!

Maria Toth