Macmillan Education Iberia and Trinity College London sign a mutual cooperation alliance Back to list


Macmillan Education Iberia and Trinity College London have signed a mutual cooperation alliance. This is the result of their shared vision on how English should be taught and their passion about helping teachers teach.

Macmillan is a publisher with a long tradition creating quality content for English teaching. Macmillan’s pedagogical approach closely follows the recommendations of the OECD and the European Commission, i.e. an orientation towards the acquisition of Life Skills through English.

Trinity College London is an non profit-making educational charity providing assessment, evaluation and certification for over 140 years. Its innovative pedagogical vision promotes creativity and communicative methodology through learning English, theatre and music, while at the same time promoting social skills.

The collaboration between the two organisations will allow them to jointly provide quality content for each particular classroom situation, focused on the acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed for the future, excellent teacher training and official certification (calibrated externally with the Common European Framework of Reference) for both students and teachers. This is consistent with their common goal of training people in the skills they will need as citizens of the 21st century.