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Macmillan Education partners with the leading adaptive learning company Knewton.

Macmillan Education has partnered with the leading adaptive learning company Knewton to produce personalised online enhanced learning experiences.

Adaptive learning is all about personalising the learner’s experience by using a highly sophisticated data-driven approach. Let’s imagine for example, a learner who works on building her vocabulary over a period of time. Every time the learner wishes to work on the language, the adaptive system adjusts the materials depending on mastery to date, using knowledge of the learner’s profile. It is no longer about pointing a student back to materials already covered to simply ‘revise’. Knewton technology will enable Macmillan Education to provide personalized grammar and vocabulary lessons, exam reviews and supplementary materials for each student.

“Our new product design will ensure that every student succeeds in acquiring the life-enhancing skills required for communicating, studying, and working in English. Knewton is a perfect complement to these efforts because it allows us personalize materials to ensure that every student is fully learning and understanding the language they need to reach their goals,” said Bryan Fletcher, Global Digital Publishing Director.

The Knewton-enhanced materials will become available to students and teachers in 2015.