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Halloween activities for Primary and Secondary classes.

If you want to celebrate a spooky Halloween with your ESO and BACH classes, we’ve got a variety of activities to choose from: Try this short Halloween vocabulary quiz  to see just how much they already know about Halloween; a lower level reading  reading text  on the History of Halloween with a focus on the past tense and a higher level pairwork reading pairwork reading activity about the history of Halloween. Why not ask your students to do a webquest [link to Trick or treat webquest October activity] about the tradition of trick-or-treat, followed by an online project?

Making a Jack-o-lantern is always a popular activity for all ages. Watch this video clip  with your class on how to make one and get them to design their own!

For younger pupils, take a look at the tradition of Apple bobbing  and give them practice in the language of instructions. They can also practise writing their own spooky stories by playing this fantastic dice game. It helps them decide on the setting and characters, gives them some useful spooky words and lots more to help write their own special Halloween story.

Your pupils can also make their own spooky Halloween book or listen to a fun Halloween story  and make a craft.

Happy Halloween!