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Are you doing the topic of healthy food? Try integrating this school lunch project by looking at photos of school lunches from around the world!

When the then 9-year-old Martha Payne posted photos of her school lunches on her blog, Never Seconds, she never envisaged the response she would get. Suddenly hundreds of teenagers started posting photos of their school lunches from around the world on different image sites or sent them to Martha to publish on her blog. It drew huge media attention and resulted in pressure from Martha’s local council to close the blog down.

Martha started the blog as a way of drawing attention to Mary’s Meals, a charity she supports. When the pressure became so great to close the blog down, her last message was read by 2 million followers and raised over £130,000 for Mary Meals. She has since raised enough money to feed 14,000 impoverished children in Malawi.

As a result of Martha’s blog posts, there are huge numbers of photos of school lunches on the Internet. Look at this example.

Your students, whether young or old, will love looking at food from around the world and comparing their own school lunches with those shown in the photos. Ask your students to record their school lunches for a week. Talk about healthy and unhealthy diets. Watch the story of Martha Payne and finally ask them to produce an ‘ideal healthy lunch menu’ for their school and compare it with another country’s food. How is their food similar and how does it differ and why they think there are differences. They can even present their work to the rest of the class.

Have a great lunch today!

Maria Toth