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Use a 1950s video clip as an introduction to the game ‘What’s your job’.

The game show What’s my line? was broadcast live in the 50s and 1960s. It consisted of bringing together a famous guest and a board of blindfolded panelists, who were experts in culture. The board of panelists were allowed to ask Yes/No questions to find out who the famous guest was.  The guest would win if the panel asked 10 negative questions.

In this video clip, the show, broadcast live on 20 January 1952, features Salvador Dalí. If you’re revising the topic of ‘jobs’ (Voices 2, Interface 3) or thinking of playing the popular class game What’s your job? in which students ask and answer Yes/No questions, why not use this clip as an introduction to the game.

A classic English class version of this game might run as follows: Call up a student to the front of the class and blindfold him/her. Write the name of a profession on the board behind the student. The blindfolded student can ask up to 20 Yes/No questions to guess his/her profession and the rest of the class has to answer Yes or No.  For example, the blindfolded student might ask ‘Do I work with my hands?’ etc.  You may prefer to play the game in pairs or small groups to give the students more practice.

Maria Toth