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onestopenglish scholarship

Apply before 24th July 2014 to win a onestopenglish scholarship for IATEFL and get a onestopenglish subscription for free!

This year’s onestopenglish scholarship focuses specifically on creative ways to teach life skills in the classroom, the skills we need to deal effectively with everyday life. Examples of these skills include communication, problem solving, cultural awareness and building self-confidence, all of which form an important part of helping students make the most of educational and employment opportunities.

The scholarship represents a fantastic professional development opportunity for teachers.
The winner of the scholarship will receive:

£800 towards travel and accommodation costs

Registration for the conference

Registration for a pre-conference event of your choice

A year’s IATEFL membership

A one-year onestopenglish subscription (or, for existing members of onestopenglish, a 12 month extension to your subscription)

In addition, this year’s winner will also have the opportunity to work and publish with both onestopenglish and Macmillan Education, and unlike previous years shortlisted applicants will also be awarded prizes.

The scholarship is open to all English language teachers, regardless of your level of experience or area of teaching: to qualify you must be actively working in a classroom and commit to writing an article on your experience after the conference. Read what last year’s scholarship winner Cynthia James had to say about attending the 2014 IATEFL conference.

For full details about the Creativity in the Classroom Scholarship and to apply, visit the scholarships page on the IATEFL website. The scholarship closes for applications on 24th July 2014. Both the winning and shortlisted entries will have the opportunity to have their entries published and this year onestopenglish will be awarding additional prizes for those shortlisted.

We hope to see you at IATEFL Manchester 2015!