Open Mind opens doors.

  • A unique content strand focuses on life skills to enhance students´ future potential through English.
  • A focus on sub-skills centres around strategies to support skills development, not just practice.
  • A carefully-staged grammar syllabus focuses on meaning, form and function to enhance confidence and understanding.
  • A strong focus on functional language helps to develop fluency in real-world contexts.
  • Independent learning features throughout the course encourage learners to analyse their own progress.


What is Open Mind?

Open Mind is the ideal course for learners and teachers who want a course that develops important life skills they need for success in the 21st century in addition to developing their language skills. These life skills include having a better awareness of self and society, handling the demands of study and learning, and dealing with the challenges in their work and career.

Why do teachers love Open Mind?

Dr. Rachael Fionda:

“Teachers appear to be huge fans of Open Mind pre-intermediate so far! The reflection points are great for consolidation and the language wrap-ups are excellent for reminding them of their goals and what they have achieved. It’s a really good series, teachers are delighted with it, even the teachers who are against textbooks!”

(Swan Training Institute – ELT – Dublin, Ireland)

Shane Rynhart:

“Open Mind is really easy to follow and lays out tasks in a straightforward way. This eases pressure somewhat in terms of lesson planning, and is always varied enough to ensure that students are constantly engaged. The Presentation Kit (for interactive whiteboards) is the icing on the cake in this regard. The software is incredibly easy to use and is of real benefit in the classroom, allowing me to highlight particular points such as grammar, vocabulary, etc, without fumbling around for a hard copy of the book. Additionally the online materials – the Online Workbook, videos, additional Life Skills lessons – give a huge amount of bonus content to make sure we cover something new each day. It’s been wonderful to use Open Mind at Elementary level… my students are all very keen on the book and I’m looking forward to using Pre-intermediate level in the coming months.”

(Cavendish School of English – Bournemouth, UK)