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Watch this video to see how the Online Workbook, videos, Presentation Kit and more can really benefit teachers and students using Open Mind.

The Open Mind components are packaged to provide the best combinations of print and digital – a truly flexible solution to ensure every classroom and self-study situation is covered.

Teachers and students will enjoy working with the fresh and rich online material, which also helps free up teaching time, so teachers can focus more time on the students and their needs, instead of spending it all on preparation and marking.


  • Online Workbook for practice, consolidation and progress checks
  • Accessible on any device that can view the internet, including tablets and mobile phones
  • Downloadable options so that materials can be used offline
  • High-quality video matched to the Student’s Book themes and language areas
  • Full support for testing through the Teacher’s Resource Centre
  • Additional lessons and activities all linked to the themes of the course

Online Workbook and Markbook
Available as part of the Student’s Book Premium Pack, Teacher’s Book Premium Pack or as a stand-alone component, the Online Workbook provides interactive workbook activities that support the Student’s Book material and provide instant feedback.An integrated gradebook captures the scores and can also be viewed by the teacher who can assign targeted exercises and see reports and data on their students’ progress and performance.

Teacher’s Resource CentreAccessible through the Teacher’s Book Premium Pack, the Teacher’s Resource Centre includes class and workbook audio, streamable video and video worksheets with extensive teacher’s notes, additional Life Skills lessons, communicative wrap-ups and CEFR checklists.Teachers can access a wide variety of testing materials including unit, mid-course and end-of-course tests in PDF and editable Word formats, as well as a course placement test.As part of the Teacher’s Premium Pack, teachers get access to the Student’s Resource Centre as well as the Teacher’s Resource Centre, which helps them to plan lessons more effectively using these additional resources.

Student’s Resource CentrestudentResourceCentre
Accessible through the Student’s Book Pack and Student’s Book Premium Pack, the Student’s Resource Centre includes the class and Workbook audio as MP3 files. High-quality video, matched to the Student’s Book themes and language areas, is available online with downloadable video worksheets.

Presentation Kit
Uniquely available with the Teacher’s Book Premium Pack, the Presentation Kit offers a pagefaithful digital version of the Student’s Book with embedded audio, video, pop-up answers and interactive tools. This makes it perfect as a class
presentation tool and is ideal for heads-up teaching. You can use it through an Interactive Whiteboard or by using a laptop with projector.