Setting the pace for tomorrow’s generation

  • Integrated skills section with a video speaking model develops all four skills together.
  • The external Exam Trainer prepares students for exam success through models, tips and practice.
  • Collaborative projects promote team-work and digital competence.
  • Real-world information and engaging topics enhance students’ sociocultural awareness.
  • Critical thinking and life skills sections prepare students for lifelong learning.

What makes PULSE special?

Why do teachers love PULSE?

Cristina Rubio:

“I simply love the PULSE books! I’ve been a teacher for over 25 years and they’re the most complete books I’ve ever worked with by far. They have a massive load of supplementary material and they even have Key Competences worksheets. Besides, there are also three-leveled all skills worksheets as well as three-leveled exams and students also have access to their own online workbook. The PULSE books make teachers’ lives so much easier! Definitely highly recommendable!”

(Escola La Vinya del Camp Joliu)

Elizabeth Prestland:

“Pulse – not just a book but a gateway into learning English that is practical for pupils and teachers alike. With this book learning English steps into a 3D learning platform with up to date topics, interactive activities and enough material for the most advanced and dedicated pupils never leaving behind those that need more help . I would recommend it wholeheartedly.”

(College Français – Reus)