An A-Z of ELT

An A-Z of ELT

Scott Thornbury’s insightful text is an alphabetical list of key ELT terms and concepts, and outlines their relevance to the field. The entries are authoritative, clear and concise, and are cross-referenced where relevant.

An A-Z of ELT is an alphabetical list of ELT terms and concepts covering grammar, lexis, phonology, discourse, methodology, theory and practice. Each entry is categorised, described and explained in terms of its importance and relevance to ELT. Each definition is authoritative, clear and concise, and cross-referenced where relevant.

Who is An A-Z of ELT for?

  • Trainee teachers for whom the terminology and concepts may be new.
  • Teachers who want to refresh or clarify their knowledge, and to find out more abut the history of teaching methodology or the various views on teaching concepts and methodology.
  • Teacher trainers who want to give clear definitions of terms and concepts.

Scott Thornbury on repetition in English language teaching

Author Scott Thornbury talking about the use of Repetition in English language teaching.