Bugs World 3

Bugs World 3

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All the award-winning feaures of Bugs, updated and with even more to offer your pupils!

Bugs World 3 is an updated edition of the award-winning course Bugs 3. It takes into account the suggestions of hundreds of teachers – with adapted and additional activities and new components – to make it perfect for today’s classroom.

  • Familiar yet varied contexts and humorous stories that will stimulate your pupils’ imaginations.
  • A balanced approach to teaching the four skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • A wide range of extra resources that take into account your teaching situation.
  • Plenty of review and recycling to consolidate language.
  • Cross-curricular sections allow pupils to learn about other subjects through English.
  • A carefully graded syllabus and supportive approach that will help all your pupils achieve their best in English.

Additions to this new edition of Bugs are:

  • New Review units and Learn about the world sections.
  • New activities in every unit.
  • Extra Festival units.
  • Completely revised Busy Books.
  • Exciting digital components including Digital Books and Pupil’s Website.
  • New Picture Dictionary.
  • Vocabulary extension in the Teacher’s Notes.