English World 3

English World 3


Immerse your pupils in a world of English with active whole-class lessons and an ambitious grammar syllabus – available for levels 1-6.

  • The stories, topics and projects in English World promote social values and citizenship.
  • Informative, cross-curricular and cross-cultural content means that students learn about the world through English.
  • ‘Learning to learn’ pages in the Workbook help pupils develop strategies such as scanning and thinking skills.
  • Autonomous learning and study skills are developed in the dictionary for each level and project and portfolio materials.
  • Grammar Practice Book at each level consolidates pupils’ learning.
  • Innovative Teacher’s DVD-ROM adds an exciting dimension to classroom teaching, and helps the teacher prepare customised texts and progress checks.

Components include:

  • Pupil’s Book – contains twelve units, and the key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are consistently covered throughout the course.
  • Work Book – all work covered in the Pupil’s Book is reinforced by exercises in the workbook.
  • Grammar Practice Book – contains further exercises to consolidate classroom learning.
  • Dictionary – designed to help children focus on words learnt in each unit and to help with revision and practice.
  • Teacher’s Book – contains step-by-step teaching notes for each lesson.
  • Audio CD – all dialogues, reading texts, listening comprehension activities, songs and rhymes are contained on the CD.
  • DVD-ROM – the DVD-ROM is the perfect tool to complement the English World print materials and enhance your pupils’ learning experience.
  • Flashcards – the presentation of new vocabulary is supported by flashcards which can also be used for classroom games and activities to encourage learning.
  • Posters – twelve posters, one for each unit, accompany the course.