Hello Jack

Hello Jack

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Hello Jack is the first part of this three-level story-based course for Pre-primary.

  • Hello Jack includes stories based around familiar and reassuring settings that reflect the reality of very young children’s lives.
  • Meaningful, fun stories that mix fantasy and the real world plus catchy songs your pupils will love.
  • A global approach to English with photographic My World lessons in every unit that focus on cross-curricular areas such as hygiene and the natural environment.
  • A focus on the Basic Competences: in addition to linguistic competence, Hello Jack covers competence in other areas like simple maths, art and emotional intelligence to ensure development of the whole child.
  • A Phonics activity in every unit introduces and practises a new sound in English.

A Pupil’s book PLUS with extra activities for classes with more hours of English.

A unique multimedia pack offers DVD and interactive whiteboard material.

Demo Captain Jack Magic Phonics