Macmillan Children’s Readers Level 2

Macmillan Children’s Readers Level 2

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Fun, cultural and informative Macmillan Children’s Readers offer an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction titles that reinforce the basic structures and vocabulary found in most Primary courses. Six colour-coded levels, designed for children aged 6-12, stimulate the pupils’ interest in reading and learning English.

The Readers include activity pages and a picture dictionary or wordlist. The upper levels also have fact files and non-fiction tales to grab the interest of both boys and girls.

Key features:

  • A picture dictionary (or wordlist) and activity pages at the back of each Reader.
  • Accompanying Audio Files available in the resources tab, giving children a chance to listen to the stories while they read them.
  • A blend of factual and fictional titles that appeal equally to boys and girls.

The level 2 Macmillan Children’s Readers titles are:

  • The Fancy Dress Competition
  • Lunch at the Zoo
  • Dom’s Dragon
  • Pat’s Picture
  • A Picnic Surprise
  • Where’s Rex?
  • Carnival Time
  • Monkeys
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