Macmillan Readers – Beginner level

Macmillan Readers – Beginner level

The Phantom of the Opera Worksheet

The Macmillan Readers series comprises a range of stories in which the language has been adapted to suit the needs of learners at all levels.

Beginner level Macmillan Readers have 32-64 pages and approximately 600 keywords. Each Reader contains attractive black and white illustrations to aid understanding.  The simple past and past progressive tenses are introduced at this level, as are compound sentences with two clauses linked by and.

The Readers website contains extra resources for teachers in the form of downloadable worksheets and exams. All of the readers in this series include an Audio CD on which the story is told clearly by a native speaker of English.

For a full list of titles and ISBNs, please visit our dedicated Readers website.

Range of beginner readers

Highlighted Reader: The Phantom of the Opera

A gothic romance set in the twilight world of Paris in the 1870s. This story has been the basis of many films and plays, as well as a world famous musical.
Original work by Gaston Leroux.

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The Three Musketeers

D’Artagnan wants to become a King’s musketeer. But before he can have the job he must meet many challenges and prove that he is a strong and brave fighter. Can he protect the Queen from the Cardinal’s evil plans? And will he be able to stop the beautiful Milady from murdering the Duke of Buckingham?
Original work by Alexandre Dumas.

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ISBN: 978 0 2307 1673 5

A Tale of Two Cities

A romantic tragedy set against the background of the French Revolution. The story has been the source of a number of film adaptations.
Original work by Charles Dickens.

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ISBN: 978 1 4050 7606 7

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

‘Tom was very unhappy. He was in trouble, he was going to run away forever. “Nobody loves me! I’m leaving home…”’
A story of the humorous adventures of a young orphan boy who lives beside the great Mississippi River in 1844.
Original work by Mark Twain

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ISBN: 978 1 4050 7608 1

Money for a Motorbike

Stuart is 17 years old and lives in Leeds. He has left school but he has no job and no money. He wants the motorbike that his friend Martin is selling. How will he find the money to buy Martin’s bike?

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ISBN: 978 1 4050 7630 2