Macmillan Readers – Elementary level

Macmillan Readers – Elementary level

Frankenstein Worksheet The Woman in Black Worksheet

The Macmillan Readers series comprises a range of stories in which the language has been adapted to suit the needs of learners at all levels.

Elementary Level Macmillan Readers have 64-80 pages and approximately 1,100 keywords. Black and white illustrations and background information notes help clarify context, while all Readers includePoints for Understanding questions at the back. Simple passive forms, and sometimes conditionals, can be found at this level, as can complex sentences with one main clause and one subordinate or relative clause.

The Readers website contains extra resources for teachers in the form of downloadable worksheets and exams. All of the Readers in this series include an Audio CD on which the story is told clearly by a native speaker of English.

For a full list of titles and ISBNs, please visit our dedicated Readers website.

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Highlighted Reader: The Woman in Black

A retold version of a gripping ghost story set in a lonely house on a bleak and foggy marshland.

Original work by Susan Hill

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‘The lightning was all around me. I looked at the huge body. The silver light reached the hands, the feet and the head. For a moment everything was quiet. Was it moving? No, yes! An arm moved and then a leg. Then I heard breathing. Yes, the man was breathing. He was alive!’

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ISBN: 978 1 4050 7650 0

White Fang

White Fang – half-dog, half-wolf – is raised in the wild, but soon becomes the property of Gray Beaver, a Yukon Indian. Knowing only the cruelty of man and the violence of nature, White Fang becomes the most savage and wild of dogs, until he is rescued by kindness.

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ISBN: 978 0 2300 2673 5

The Prince and the Pauper

Mark Twain’s classic story of two young boys who swap lives, except one of the boys just happens to be the future King of England!

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ISBN: 978 0 2304 3634 3

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll’s scientific investigations are detached and professional. He wants to explore his own character through study and experimentation. But soon, he finds himself under the control of a darker, evil, driving force.


ISBN: 978 1 4050 7265 6